grocery delivery management


Frictionless grocery delivery and accurate delivery windows for your customers.
log proof of delivery in-app

Log Proof of Delivery In-App

customer review delivery

Real-Time Delivery Tracking & Customer Reviews

delivery inbound calls

Reduction of inbound calls

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dynamic routing and dispatch

Dynamic Routing & Dispatch

Get groceries faster to the customer thanks to our powerful delivery routing software that allows you to build routes and dispatch orders in only a few clicks.

As Cigo uses both historical and real-time data, your staff will always be on the fastest route, and customers will be provided with accurate ETAs.

proof of delivery

Proof Of Delivery

Allow your drivers to capture digital signatures upon delivery, reducing manual paperwork.

Log photos in-app and save them to that delivery profile for future reference.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Easy SMS/Email review system

Improve your online reputation and get feedback on your service thanks to Cigo’s review system.

Upon completion of the delivery, customers will receive an Email/SMS notification to review their experience

proof of delivery

Last mile delivery tracking

Provide your customers with a seamless grocery delivery experience with real time delivery tracking.

With Cigo's delivery management software, customers can track their groceries in real-time, reducing missed deliveries and inbound calls.

Discover the difference Cigo will make on your delivery operations

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