grocery delivery management

3rd Party Logistics

Manage, bill, optimize your clients requests and scale your logistics.
log proof of delivery in-app

Manage Unlimited Merchant Requests

customer review delivery

Offline & Online Mode

delivery inbound calls

Multi-Level Delivery & Performance Reporting

Why choose Cigo?

Cigo has 100+ features.
Here are just a few we know you'll like.
dynamic routing and dispatch

Dynamic Routing & Dispatch

Build complex delivery routes in seconds and dispatch orders efficiently thanks to our feature-rich delivery route planner.

Cigo considers historical traffic as well as your estimated on-site times for each order to calculate realistic ETAs.

proof of delivery

Online & Offline Mode

Deliver everywhere, even in remote locations, thanks to our offline mode that allows your drivers to keep using the app anytime.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Report Incidents & Damages

Delivery drivers can notify you of any damage right away by logging incidents in the app.

You will be able to see the customer’s profile and the type of damage in question.

dynamic routing and dispatch

Manage Unlimited Merchants Orders

Manage all your merchants orders in one place. Your merchants' customers will benefit from all of Cigo's powerful features.

Unrivalled edge over your competition by offering new and existing merchants a plug and play system.